Our advertising options include:

  • Display ads: Display ads are the most common type of online advertising. They can be placed in a variety of locations on our website, including the homepage, article pages, and search results pages.
  • Native ads: Native ads are designed to blend in with the surrounding content, making them less intrusive and more effective than traditional display ads.
  • Sponsored content: Sponsored content is a type of native advertising that is created by our editorial team and promotes your product or service in a more informative and engaging way.
  • Email marketing: We offer email marketing services to help you reach our large and engaged subscriber base.

Why advertise with About Us ताजा खबर?

  • Large and engaged audience: ABOUT US ताजा खबर has a large and engaged audience of Hindi-speaking readers.
  • Trusted brand: ABOUT US ताजा खबर is a trusted brand that is known for its accurate and unbiased news coverage.
  • Variety of ad formats: We offer a variety of ad formats to meet your specific needs and budget.
  • Targeted advertising: We can help you target your ads to specific demographics, interests, and geographic locations.
  • Measurable results: We provide you with detailed metrics so that you can track the performance of your campaigns and make necessary adjustments.

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